I was walking down the streets of New York at night with very little people out. All of a sudden I bumped into someone, tripped and fell. "Ouch..." I moaned out. I looked ip and saw a guy a little bit older than me with a black surgical mask over his face. He helped me up and apologized," I'm so sorry. I was texting my hyung and wasn't paying attention to where I was walking... sorry." I noticed he had trouble with his English so I asked if he was Korean. He just nodded. Since I was Korean myself I decided it would be a little easier speaking Korean with him than English. So we were walking down random streets talking and getting to know each other then a black car pulled up in front of us and the front window went down. "Chanyeol you need to come back to our hotel we have one more show here then we are heading back to Korea." some strange man told the guy you now recognized as Chanyeol from EXO. He gave me his phone number and went in the car and it drove off. I went back to my house and texted him, " Just thought you should know... I'm an EXO-L. But I won't give away your phone number because I'm nice like that." I went to bed and fell into a place I call wonderland. WonderLand is not really sleep but I can pull myself away from it. I can't get "woken" up when in WonderLand I have to get up myself.

*10:00 a.m*

I got up because I heard my phone make a sound and once I saw it, it was a text from Chanyeol it said, " Thanks for not giving it away , hey you wanna hang out for the next week and a half? I wanna get to know you better before we go back to Korea. Meet up at the park at 12:30??" I texted back with a simple yeah and decided to shower.

( 1 Week Later )

*2:00 p.m*

"CHLOEEEEE!!!!!" Chanyeol shouted for me as I was walking towards him at their hotel. "What??? I just woke up like 15 minutes ago." I shouted back at him. " I have some questions for you but we need to go in my hotel room... aka privacy."

You both went into his hotel room and you sat down in some chairs next to Chanyeol. Honestly you were growing very fond of him, and kinda had a crush on him. But he probably didn't like you like that. You guys became close friends and hung out every day.

"Chloe??? Did you even hear me? You looked like you were spacing out over there." I looked up and he started to speak again. " I asked if you wanted to go to our last concert tonight?" " YES OMG I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO ONE OF YOUR CONCERTS!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. " I'm not done talking yet Chloe, I wanted to know if you'll go on a date with me. Right now?" I started to tear up because I thought he didn't like me so I said yes and he said he'll pick me up at 5 tonight. I went to my house and hopped in the shower.

*Time skip to 5*

BANG BANG BANG! I heard the door bang. I checked my phone and saw it was 5. I ran to the door and opened it seeing Chanyeol's happy face. He took my by the arm and we walked to his car. "You look beautiful in the dress I bought you, I'm glad you wore it." He bought me a white lacy knee-high dress. I blushed from his comment. "I don't really wear dresses but this was worth it." I stated. He